The abstract should not exceed one full A4 page and should be written in English or Turkish in "Microsoft Word" format (*. Doc or docx). The abstract should be saved as selected Topic number, the lower hyphen and the first letter of the name of the participant's and full surname (for example, for Güven Özdemir; G-1_Gozdemir.doc). Each participant will be able to submit maximum two abstracts. Please click on for abstract template.

The abstract is recommended to be structured into paragraphs and must include and clearly state the objectives of the study, sufficient description of methodology, statement of results and sufficient data to support conclusion. Table and charts are not allowed. The abstract should ideally adhere to the following format with some flexibility for "commentary" type abstracts:

·                              Objectives

·                              Methods

·                              Results & Discussion

·                              5 keywords describing the abstract

·                              Acknowledgements

The abstract saved in Word format must be loaded to the system before April 26th, 2012.

Poster Presentations

Poster dimensions should not be larger than 70 cm wide x 100 cm height. Font size should be large enough to be read from 1 m distance. All of the authors should be indicated and presenter name must be underlined.

Posters should be attended by the author(s) during the allocated time to answer questions and make valuable discussions.

Paper size :

A4 (29,7 × 21,0 cm)


top: 2,5 cm; bottom: 2,5 cm; left: 3,0 cm; right: 2,5 cm


Times New Roman

Line spacing:

Title and main text should be typed one spaced.


Centered, font size 12, bold and all first letter capital, one spaced.


Centered, font size 10, presenter name and surname must be underlined. Academic title should not be written.


Centered, font size 10 pt, italic, different address must be showed by using superscript letters (a, b, …). Only the corresponding author’s e-mail have to been given.

Main text:

Paragraphs must be justified, no paragraph intend, spacing 6 pt before and 0 pt after, line spacing single; font size must be 10. Abstract should include Objectives, Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusion, Keywords and Acknowledgement  (if required). Table and charts are not allowed. Keywords should not exceed 5 terms. Acknowledgement is optional and should not exceed 3 lines. References are not allowed. Methods could not be longer than Results and Discussion.

The manuscript should not exceed 400 words or 1 page.


Reference in the text should be avoided